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CBD Daily News Headlines

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  • Plastic in the ocean: Plastic producers team up and pledge $1bn to combat the plastic problem
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Plastic-producing companies around the world have teamed up and committed to investing more than $1 billion to cut our plastic waste.The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), made up of almost 30 companies, will build solutions that will reduce the amount of plastic created and help deal with single-use plastic that has been disposed of.
  • Yet again, climate change is the greatest threat facing our world
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    For the past decade, the World Economic Forum has put out a yearly review of the greatest threats to our world-the economic and geopolitical risks that endanger our planet, our way of life, and even our species.
  • Starfish, Jellyfish to Benefit from Climate Change: Study
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Seafloor predators and open water feeding animals like the starfish and the jellyfish will benefit from climate change, while those associated with sea ice for food or breeding are most at risk, a study said on Thursday.
  • Why We Won't Quit the Climate Fight
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    We are old climate veterans who have tried to do our part, in every way we know how, to keep our fossil-fuel addicted civilization from driving off a cliff. Are we tired? Sure. Discouraged? Absolutely. Pissed off? Yep. Sad? Call it broken-hearted. Quitting?
  • Climate change: Is nuclear power the answer?
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Nuclear is good for the environment. Nuclear is bad for the environment. Both statements are true. Why is it good? Nuclear power is planned to be a key part of the UK's energy mix. The key benefit is that it helps keep the lights on while producing hardly any of the CO2 emissions that are heating the climate.
  • Grassroots set to drive 2019 climate action as climate change deniers take center stage
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    The environment needs help. When politicians out themselves as climate change deniers, grassroots and civil society groups get louder. But how much can they achieve?
  • Global audience for nature docs expanding, says David Attenborough
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Renowned naturalist David Attenborough said he has seen the interest in natural history and programs about wildlife increase exponentially in recent years.
  • Food in the Anthropocene
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    More than 800 million people still live in hunger, and many of us now eat more unhealthy than ever. Global food production remains the largest pressure caused by humans on the planet, threatening local ecosystems and the stability of the Earth system itself.
  • Protecting the biodiversity of Colombia's unique wetlands
    [gepubliceerd op: 17/01/2019]
    When the river Magdalena in Colombia bursts its banks the water flows into a ciƩnaga, a unique wetland bursting with invaluable biodiversity. Today, climate change has put this under threat.
  • We now know whats at the bottom of Belize's Great Blue Hole and it's depressing
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Belize's Blue Hole is an instantly recognisable wonder of the natural world. It's the world's largest sinkhole and is located on the Mesoamerican Reef - the second largest barrier reef network in the world after Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
  • 2018's Award-Winning Ocean Art Photos Will Transport You To Another Planet
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    In the sapphire-to-stygian waters that cover 70 per cent of Earth's surface, fish school in iridescent sheets, whales sing mournful tunes, and jellyfish bloom like wildflowers. The ocean is a teeming mystery that most of us rarely dip our toes in.
  • Divers Discovered an Enormous Great White Shark Off the Coast of Hawaii
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Diving off the coast of Hawaii, divers encountered a massive, 20-foot female great white shark, believed to be one of the biggest on record, Agence France-Presse reports.
  • Is it a girl?
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    A newborn calf spotted among a population of critically endangered killer whales will survive into maturity, scientists say. Researchers are hoping that the juvenile whale is a female, as this will give the group the best chance of producing more offspring.
  • Unraveling of 58-year-old corn gene mystery may have plant-breeding implications
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    In discovering a mutant gene that "turns on" another gene responsible for the red pigments sometimes seen in corn, researchers solved an almost six-decades-old mystery with a finding that may have implications for plant breeding in the future.
  • Bee surveys in newest US national park could aid pollinator studies elsewhere
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Declines in native bee populations are widely reported, but can existing data really analyze these trends? In the Jan. 17, 2019, online edition of PLOS One, Utah State University and USDA researchers report findings about pollinator biodiversity in California's Pinnacles National Park derived from data collected from three separate surveys spanning 17 years.
  • Biomimicry Gives a Lift to AI in Aviation
    [gepubliceerd op: 18/01/2019]
    Who among us hasn't stared up at a hawk or a vulture circling lazily in the sky and wondered how they stay aloft so long? Or wondered how sky-darkening flocks of migrating birds can travel thousands of miles so quickly and so effortlessly?